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Products and Services by D.M Electronic

                                                 Welcome to pcbprices.com!

On the homepage,you will find all kinds of products and services that we can provided. Rigid PCB from single-sided to multilayers with high technologies (up to 42 layers), flexible PCBs (up to 6 layers), rigid-flex PCBs (up to 16 layers) , SMD stencils (match your PCBs) and completely assembled modules. We also provide technical supports and other services.Please contact us freely for any queries.

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Layers: 1-28 layers  Material: FR4

Layers: 1-2 layers    Material: aluminum base, copper base

Board thickness: 0.4-5.08 mm

Surface treatment: ENIG, Imm tin, imm silver, ENEPIG, Gold plating,

HAL LF, OSP, etc.




Single/double-sided min.board thickness: 0.08/0.12mm (without stiffeners)

Copper thickness: 12-35um

Surface treatment: immersion gold, gold plating,OSP,etc



Layers: 2-16 layers

Material: FR4+PI

Laser drill: 0.1mm

Min. trace width/spacing: 75/75um

Surface treatment: ENIG, Imm tin, imm silver, ENEPIG, Gold plating,

HAL LF, OSP, etc.

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We purchase printed circuit boards, electronic components, do SMT, THT and assembly, electronic component testing, functional testing, etc., and provide packaging and logistics services

Specialised in Industrial and Consumer Electronics


SMD-stencils, can be ordered separately or with pcb together

Stencil size: from min.200x300mm to max.736x736mm or 1000x400mm

Stencil thickness 100µm tickness

customized on demands, can be with frame, text, fiducial mark, etc.


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